Scriptures Saved Mormon Soldier from Bullets

MYTH: A Book of Mormon stopped deadly bullets.


I first heard about this story about five years ago when it was forwarded to me in an email along with pictures (included below). The story goes like this:

A Sgt. Schaub was on patrol in the Middle East when he was shot at close range. The bullets penetrated his bullet-proof vest but were stopped by the small military sized Book of Mormon he had in his pocket.

I have heard several similar stories of the Book of Mormon stopping bullets. One was about a soldier shot during the civil war while another was during World Wars I and II. But they were all the same in that the Book of Mormon, concealed in a breast pocket, stopped the would-be lethal bullet[s].

One of the stories jokingly added that the Isaiah chapters of second Nephi were so dense that not even a bullet could get through them!

The great debunker of Mormon myths,, has claimed to have verified that “much of this story is true” but has stopped short of endorsing it. They have also stated: “The family is unhappy that this story is passing around on the Internet and we encourage everyone to stop sending it around.”

I personally have been unable to verify this story or locate Sgt. Schaub. If anyone has further details regarding this story, please contact me or post a comment below. Thanks.

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  1. His name is Michael Bates Schaub and he lives in Arizona. I am a close personal friend of his parents, and know for a fact that the story is made up.