Youth - Generals in the War in Heaven

MYTH: LDS youth were generals in the War in Heaven and will be honored for serving in the latter days.


A quotation has been widely circulated around the Church that the latter day youth were generals in the war in heaven. According to LDS Church News, the statement asserts that the modern youth of the Church "were generals in the war in heaven ... and (someone will) ask you, 'Which of the prophet's time did you live in?' and when you say, 'Gordon B. Hinckley' a hush will fall,... and all in attendance will bow at your presence.[1]

This quote has been attributed to not one, but several general However, it did not come from a general authority at all. In fact, the First Presidency has spoken out against this quote as promoting false doctrine. A notice from the Office of the First Presidency addressing this myth declared:

"This is a false statement. It is not Church doctrine. At various times, this statement has been attributed erroneously to President Thomas S. Monson, President Henry B. Eyring, President Boyd K. Packer, and others. None of these Brethren made this statement.” [2]

According to, this erroneous statement “originated with an instructor in an 'Especially For Youth' class; but the statement has gradually been changed from its original form. [3]

The first Presidency’s notice correcting this myth was sent to all leaders within the Church including General Authorities, Area Seventies, stake, mission, district and temple presidents, as well as bishops and branch presidents, instructing that priesthood leaders should see that this myth "is not used in Church talks, classes, bulletins or newsletters. [4] It further instructed priesthood leaders to "correct anyone who attempts to perpetuate its use.” [5]

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